(‘the auspicious pedestal’)

A pīṭha is a pedestal for an icon. Out of the four varieties mentioned in iconographical works, bhadrapīṭha is one, the other three being padmapīṭha, vedikā and parimaṇḍala.

If the height of the pedestal is sixteen units accommodated in eight parts, then, it is called ‘bhadrapīṭha’. The parts reckoned from the bottom to the top as also their measurements are as follows:

(1) upāna 1 unit
(2) jagatī 4 units
(3) kumuda 3 units
(4) kampa 1 unit
(5) kaṇṭha 3 units
(6) kampa 1 unit
(7) paṭṭikā 2 units
(8) ghṛtavāri 1 unit

See also PĪṬHA.