A handful of men and women living in Hyderabad (in Sind, now in Pakistan) started a group, ‘Om Maṇḍali’ by name, for spiritual studies and meditation in A. D. 1935. One year later, it was shifted to Karachi where it continued up to A. D. 1950.

Dada Lekhraj Kriplani (A. D. 1876-1969) a respected and wealthy member of this community, started experiencing a series of visions in A. D. 1936 which transformed his life. He wound up his jewellery business and dedicated the rest of his life for spiritual pursuits.

He came to be known as Brahma Bābā among his followers.

In A. D. 1937, he formed a Managing Committee of eight young women and in the next year, he surrendered all his property to a Trust administered by them.

These ladies came to be known as Brahmakumārīs and became the progenitors of the movement in that name. Though this is primarily run by women, men too (known as Brahmakumāras) participate in its activities.


The community shifted to Mount Abu (in Rajasthan, India) in A. D.1950 and built its Head Quarters there. Its official name is “Brahma Kumaris’ World Spiritual University” (BKWSU). It is managed by the Administrative Head, a Governing Board and a Management Committee.

At the Headquarters there are three campuses: Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan. There is also a recreational park and the Global Hospital and Research Centre.

These Campuses have several buildings including auditoria and living quarters.

Meditation techniques called Rāja Yoga are taught in this institution.

The organisation claims to have several centres in India and abroad.