(‘Religion of Brahman’)

Scholars from the Western countries who got interested in the study of Hinduism during the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century, used the words ‘Brāhmanism,’ ‘Brāhminism’ and ‘Vedism’ to indicate Hinduism. Since God, the Absolute, has been designated as ‘Brahman’ they used the word ‘Brāhma-nism’. Since, according to them, it was a religion practised and propagated by the brāhmaṇas—members of the first of the four varṇas—it was also called ‘Brāhmi-nism’. Again, the Vedas being the main and basic scriptures, the appellation ‘Vedism’ was also used.

However, a deeper and wider study of all aspects of Hinduism clearly reveals the deficiency of these terms in indicating Hinduism.