After Śiva reduced Manmatha (Cupid) to ashes, Citrakarma (an attendant of Śiva) gathered the ashes and shaped it into a human form. When Śiva opened his eyes after a long meditation, his eyes fell upon this image which immediately came to life. This person worshipped Śiva himself and secured several boons. He came to be known as Bhaṇḍāsura. Strengthened by these boons which conferred a long life and immense power as also immunity against several weapons, Bhaṇḍāsura started harassing Indra and other gods. Then Indra performed a sacrifice in honour of the Parāśakti or the Divine Mother. Pleased by it, she rose out of the sacrificial fire as Lalitā-Parameśvarī and killed Bhaṇḍāsura.

See also LALITĀ.