(‘a collection [made by] Bhṛgu’)

Hindu astrology accepts and bases its calculations on the twelve rāśis (signs of the Zodiac) and nine grahas or planets (including Rāhu and Ketu). There is a popular belief that a work called Bhṛgu-saṁhitā exists, in which the readings of all possible horoscopes got by the permutation and combination of these twelve rāśis and nine grahas are given. By just referring to the particular horoscope given there with ours, we can know everything about our past, present and future.

Some scholars have calculated that a complete Bhṛgusaṁhitā would have to contain 7,46,49,000 horoscopes and at least ten times this number, of ślokas, assuming a minimum of ten ślokas per horoscope.

The book itself has not been found. Here and there, some astrologers claim to possess parts or the whole of the work which is hard to believe. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate such a voluminous work even in a big library.