Bhūtaḍāmara Tantra

This is a small work belonging to the Vāmācāra tantra group.

‘Bhūta’ means any ‘living being’. ‘Ḍāmara’ means ‘terrible.’ Hence Bhūta-ḍāmara Tantra means a work that can strike terror in the hearts of those beings against whom it may be used.

It has sixteen paṭalas or chapters and 284 verses. This number, however, is deceptive, since several verses have 10 to 20 lines!

The contents may be briefly stated as follows:

Process of killing and reviving a person (māraṇa and sañjīvana); method of pleasing the goddess who lives in cremation grounds (smaśānavāsinī); mantras of deities like Caṇḍakātyāyanī and Krodhapati; mantras and rites that help the sādhaka to bring certain spirit-deities like Ceṭikā and Bhūtinī under control; mantras by which even gods like Indra, Viṣṇu and Maheśvara can be eliminated; mantras of eight Yakṣiṇīs like Surasundarī, Kanaka-vatī and others who, when pleased, will fulfil all the desires of the sādhakas.