(‘the big one’)

The Bṛhatī is a well-known chandas or meter of Vedic Saṁhitās. Out of 14 such Vedic meters, it occupies the 4th place. It has 4 pādas or quarters, with 9 letters in each pāda. According to the sage Śaunaka, as mentioned in his Chando’nu-kramaṇī, there are 181 mantras in the Ṛgveda Saṁhitā composed in the Bṛhati metre.

Bṛhatī is also the name of a well-known commentary by Prabhākara (8th century) on the Śābara-bhāṣya, which itself is a commentary by Śabara (57 B.C.) on the famous Mīmāṁsāsūtras of Jaimini (200 B. C.).