(‘born from the thigh’)

Son of the sage Cyavana (a descendant of Bhṛgu) and Āruṣi (daughter of Manu), Aurva got this name since he was born from the ūru or the thigh of his mother. Once, the kṣattriyas belonging to the race of Kārtavīryārjuna were harassing the ṛṣis who were descendants of Bhṛgu, including the womenfolk. As a result of the tension and fear, the foetus in the womb of Āruṣi slipped into her thigh and was born out of it. The child—ṛṣi Aurva—stared at the marauders making them blind. They regained their sight by praying to the child-sage.

Later on, the sage Aurva engaged himself in a sacrifice aimed at destroying the followers of Kārtavīryārjuna. He was however dissuaded from doing so. In the process Aurva discharged his anger into the sea, in the form of a horse. This submarine fire came to be known as ‘Vaḍavāgni.’

Aurva had two children: Ṛcīka (son) and Kandalī (daughter).

See also CYAVANA.