Acyuta Prekṣa

It is often seen that some persons become known to history because of their association with the more brilliant one who makes history. Whether the former, though deserving better recognition, are overshadowed by the latter, or, become known only because of their association with the latter who are head and shoulders above them, is a matter of opinion. Acyuta Prekṣa, who gave saṁnyāsa to Madhvācārya belongs to this group. Not much is known of him. As per the scanty information available in the work Maṇimañjarī of Nārāyaṇācārya (14th cent. A.D.), he was the head of the ‘Bhaṇḍāra-keri Maṭha.’ His preceptor belonged to ‘Ānanda-bāla Maṭha’ and hailed from Nandigrāma. Since there are several Nandigrāmas in the country, it is difficult to decide which one it was. Acyuta Prekṣa was an advaitin and belonged to the Bhāgavata school. It was he who administered the monastic vows and gave the new names Pūrṇa-prajña, Ānandatīrtha and others to Madhvācārya. He had to accept defeat from his own disciple while teaching him. In course of time, he was himself converted into a dvaitin.