This is one of the exhaustive works on the dharmaśāstras in Sanskrit written by Rājā Ṭoḍaramal, the celebrated finance minister of Akbar (A. D. 1542-1605). Whether it is his own work or written by the scholars entrusted with it, it is definitely a great work of authority on the subject. It must have been composed during the period A. D. 1572-1589.

Though the entire work has not yet been discovered, the parts that have been found so far have been edited and printed by scholars.

It is supposed to contain twenty two parts, each of which is known as a saukhya, such as Sargasaukhya, Ācāra-saukhya, Vivāhasaukhya and so on.

The topics dealt with include the following: ācāra (conduct); dāna (gifts); vyavahāra (social dealings); śrāddha (obsequial rites); prāyaścitta (expiations); samaya (conventions) and so on.

Other subjects like astronomy, political science and medicine & surgery have also been dealt with in some sections.

The whole work might have run into 80,000 ślokas.