Ahirbudhnya Saṁhitā is an important text of the Pāñcarātra school of Vaiṣṇava Āgamas. According to it, union of the jīvātman with Paramātman is the ultimate goal of life. This can be achieved either through ‘ātmasamarpaṇa’ (also called ‘hṛdyāga’) or through ‘yoga.’ Meditation on God in the form of some of his powers as deities (as for instance, the Sudarśana-cakra, the discus-weapon of Viṣṇu) with appropriate mantras culminating in total self-offering or self-abnegation is ‘ātma-samarpaṇa.’ ‘Yoga’ is very similar to the process taught by Patañjali in his Yogasūtras.