(‘moving through space’)

Throughout the history of mankind it has been seen that people have often cherished the ambition to possess and to exercise extraordinary or (even) supernatural powers. Mystical sciences like yoga have dealt with this subject either directly or as a byproduct of some other discipline.

One such power that has fascinated man is the ability to fly through space. The Yogasūtras of Patañjali refers to this power in 3.42.

Ākāśa or space (or ether) is both outside and inside our body. There is a certain relationship between them. If one can concentrate on this relationship, starting the process with dhāraṇā (fixing the mind on the object of concentration) and dhyāna (meditation) and ending it with samādhi (superconscious experience) (the three together are technically called saṁyama) the exact nature of the relation-ship will be realised and the technique of levitation can be mastered. This will then give a clue to the means of cutting the bonds that bind the body down (preventing it from free movement) to the ordinary law of gravity.

Ākāśagamana can also be mastered by practising saṁyama on light objects like cotton. This will give the secret of that lightness which can then be superimposed on one’s own body.