Ātmaprabodha Upaniṣad

This is a small Upaniṣad belonging to the Ṛgveda. The first part is in prose and the rest in verses.

The prose version appears like a condensation of the Nārāyaṇa Upaniṣad and deals with the supremacy of Nārāyaṇa and the aṣṭākṣarī (eight-syllabled) mantra.

The rest of the text describes the subjective experience of the jīvanmukta or the liberated being. He has transcended māyā and has realized his identity with the inmost Self. Hence he is beyond the three guṇas and the codes of conduct that bind the ignorant ones. He is ever pure infinite consciousness and the spirit sought after by the scriptures. All the beings and all the objects of creation exist in him even as the bubbles and the waves exist in the ocean. Being ever blissful in nature, no sorrow or suffering will ever touch him. Unfortunately the ignorant people of the world are not aware of their true nature even as the owl is not aware of the brilliant light of the sun.