(‘purāṇa concerning Āditya or Sun-god’)

Purāṇas or the mythological lore of the Hindus are a vast body of literature dealing with not only philosophical and religious subjects but also cultural and even mundane subjects. They are divided into two broad groups: The Mahāpurāṇas (the great, big or main purāṇas) and the Upapurāṇas (small or subsidiary purāṇas). Ādityapurāṇa, a purāṇa dealing with the deity Āditya (Sun-god), is often mentioned in the latter group. The book itself is not available now, except for some quotations incorporated by the dharmaśāstra literature. These quotations concern the following subjects: rājadharma (duties of the king), dāna (gifts), śrāddha (obsequial offerings), vrata (religious vows and obser-vances) and śauca (ceremonial purity).

The Matsyapurāṇa (53.62) as also Al Beruni (A. D. 1030) mention this purāṇa.

See also PURĀṆAS.