(‘the Original form’)

Viṣṇu, the central deity of the Hindu Trinity, manifests himself in several forms. ‘Ādimūrti’ is one of them. Considered as a minor manifestation, he is described in iconographical works as sitting upon the serpent Ādiśeṣa, with the right leg hanging and the left as folded and resting upon the seat. Of the four hands, the two back hands hold as usual, the śaṅkha (conch) and cakra (discus). The front right hand rests upon the seat whereas the front left is supported on the folded left knee. The colour of the figure is coral red and it is richly decorated with ornaments. The other two gods of the Trinity, Brahmā and Śiva, as also the sages Bhṛgu and Mārkaṇḍeya are also shown, in a reveren-tial aspect.